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Something really bad happened in our world this past week.

January 23, 2010

Something really bad happened in our world this past week. An earthquake rattled and shook a country so bad that everything broke and thousands of people died and were injured.

We don’t know the toll it has taken on the animals of that country, because, for good reason, they hafta take care of the people first. Animals are more able to fend for themselves in the wild anyway.

Some neat things have happened, in the face of disaster. People have put their money and their prayers together towards rescue and relief efforts. We have seen photos of what would seem to be impossible rescues.

It seems that humans do have some really special qualities when it comes to helping others.

Yeah, some people have complained about this not happening fast enough and that not being good enough. And some people in that country have looted and terrorized their fellow citizens.

But overall, I hafta say, the humans have really come together and done some good things because of this bad thing happening.

It will take a long time for that country to heal and fix all that is broken. I hope that humans around the world will keep giving them their support.

I also hope that they will keep giving to efforts to improve conditions for humans and animals in their own communities. They need us too.

Thx to all the humans around the world for being so kind and giving.

Please join me today through tomorrow at the PawPawty on Twitter to do our part fur the critters in that broken country.

Just Meowin’.

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