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I am a cat that is all over the internet. I have a Posse on Twitter and Facebook that has no rival. I have been the Grand Marshall for a Twitter Paw Parade, and I have hosted Paw Pawty‘s too.

So it was about time that I started writing a blog as well.

I have taken my time developing this blog, because I wanted to do it right. Not to be egotistical, or nothin’, but I am not just another cat. I wanted my blog to have the right tone, and the right purpose.

Many of my animal friends have blogs. Each one has their own character and their own take on things from an animal’s perspective. I hope you will check my Brew’s Posse Blog Roll and read some of them. I love to read them myself!

My blog will probably be a little different, though. You see, I want to educate folks (animals and humans) a bit with my blog.

I want to set some things straight, illuminating your thoughts with my unique Brew Philosophy.

You see, people think they know it all. Cats DO know it all.

Oh, there are things that cats ponder, and there are certain questions that we have, like, “How do I get that milk jug ring back out from under the refrigerator?” But those important things in life–we get it, where human beings do not.

I decided to write this blog so that I can educate people about the things THEY have questions about. The world according to the cat.

My hope is that my web savvy cat friends and other critters will also learn and share some insights about how to deal with their humans from reading and commenting on my blog.

My name is Brewskie Butt. My online pals often call me the Brew. I am an indoor cat who lives in Canton, OH’s trendy Arts District. I am the spokescat for BZTAT Studios which is my person BZTAT’s art studio.

I was rescued from the side of a country road when I was very little, and I have lived with my person (artist Vicki Boatright, AKA BZTAT) ever since. I also live with my two best feline friends, Noah and Who, and my nemesis, Slick. Slick gets all the attention from BZTAT because she is older, and I don’t like that much.

Legend has it that I got my name from sampling a beer on my first night at BZTAT’s house. I keep trying to live up to my name, but get shoo’ed away when I try to get my tongue into another brew. Actually, I prefer Catnip as my drug of choice.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please feel free to leave comments to let me know that you love me. I will purr for strokes, yo.

So do you have some questions that are bugging you that maybe I can help you understand? Please let me know. I will do my best to answer them.

You can contact me or my person here: bztat (at) bztat (dot)com

Thanks for stopping by! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….

Just Meowin’.

The Brew


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